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FBLA Alumni Spotlight

Sriram Nalla was a member of FBLA throughout all four years of high school. His senior year, he served as Chapter President, State Vice President Representing District 11, and held positions on national councils. Sriram’s proudest FBLA moment was winning nationals because that set the tone for the rest of his FBLA career. It helped him believe in himself and make the decision to run for state office. FBLA has helped him learn how to work in teams and adjust to various dynamics, as well as other real-world skills such as interviewing, public speaking, and creating a resume. Sriram’s biggest takeaway from FBLA is that networking is everything and you should never take your peers for granted. Although it may sound like a cliche, hard work really does pay off, but it’s also important to lose with grace and learn how to move forward. Currently, he is a junior at the Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana in Bloomington and is majoring in economic consulting, business analytics, and arts management.

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